Gilbert Trefzger has African and European roots.

He started playing guitar at the age of nine. He studied guitar in the Jazz Department of the University of Music in Basel and in Paris. He is a multi-instrumentalist and plays guitar, steel guitar and aoud and performs many diverse styles of music.

His versatility and creative approach has led him to work with and perform with different artists, to collaborate on film soundtracks and also write music for theatre and film scores.

2023 DJ Shalaby with Radio Olisipo Lisboa, Ireland Tour with 19 Street Band, Project with Luise Lein, DJ Shalaby with Paula Albina

2020-22 Unfortunately all shows and projects cancelled

2019 Project with Dominic Dolega, Project with Ampersan, Tour with the 19th Street Band, new Project Leonnin with Ghostnebula, new Clip with Origins of Sound , music for the puppet play Der Teufel mit den goldenen 3 Haaren

2018 Music for the Two Continents Sessions, Music for My Home Loop by Isabel Andres Porti,  Project for Native Instruments, Steelguitar on the new album from Catherine Pfeiffer, Tour with the 19th Street Band, Music for the dance project Path with Roberta Ricci, Project with Lubiana

2017  New Project Origins of Sounds, Music in the film Terre Ferme , Music for the clip Sewage Pipe Blues in Ireland, Aoud on the Track Euro Fresco Cash by the Hoo

2016 New video for the Okou Song Seven Suns with the Bow mixed by Robert Harder, new Videos for AFOT with Regina Teichs, guitars for the Track Naught by Kold (Release 2017), guitars on TV Spot from Supreme Music

2015 Aoud and Steelguitar for the new album from Alligatoah, Music for the TV Spot SOS Kinderdorf, Dobro on the track Woanders by Berge, Guitars for the new Series of Jingles for SRF3, Steelguitar for the new Album from Brandy Butler

2014 Music for Broadway Variete, music for the TV Spot 8×4 guitars for the album Haven by Ravi Srinivasan, music for the dance play Nefertiti at Biennale Passages Bielefeld, Oud on the track Adis Abandon by Wood in da Fire

2013 Music for the play Gottes kleiner Krieger at Theater Freiburg, steel guitar for the soundtrack of the short film Islands Dreams

2012 Music for the TV Spot Fleurope and for the TV Spot Women’s Health, lapsteel and guitars on the Album Handsome Hank sings about Devils and Angels

2011 Music for the play Palomares at Theater Neumarkt, Release of the album Rollercoaster by Ernest Saint Laurent, Release of the album Lovies Lied by Tomek Kolczynski, Release of the documentary film Photography As A Journey

2010 The Okou debut album Serpentine is released in France (AZ/Universal Records),  England and Germany with Wrasse Records Okou Serpentine Tour in F,D,CH,GB,NL

2009 The project Okou has signed with AZ Records, album recorded at Sear Sound NYC with producer Jay Newland, bassist Ira Coleman, drummer Andrew Borger, accordionist Brian Mitchell, tubist Dave Bargeron. String arrangements by Gil Goldstein

2008 Okou has signed with Universal Music Publishing France, recordings in the US with producer Jay Newland, guitars on the track Deshalb bin ich hier by Thomas D, music for the doc film Grundeinkommen

2007 Guitars for soundtrack from the film Someone beside you, guitars and oud for the play Schwarze Jungfrauen at Burgtheater Vienna

2006 Project with Nitin Sawhney, composition for the play Der Zerbrochene Krug at Schauspielhaus Hannover

2005 Swiss tour with Lovebugs on steelguitar

2004 Swiss and German tour with the Jamaican singer Roy Ellis (Mr. Symarip)